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Plan for your entire ballooning experience to last for 3-4 hours. Your balloon package includes:

  • A pre-flight briefing
  • Balloon inflation (you may participate!)
  • 45-60 minutes of flight time
  • Landing and balloon pack-up
  • Post Flight Beverage Toast
  • Return to your car

Balloon Ride Options

Gift Certificates Available!

Other Services We Offer

Balloon Walk

$150 per hour plus $50 setup fee.

A balloon walk is when we inflate one of our balloons with a large fan. The balloon stays on the ground and we can allow people to walk inside a 80,000 cu.ft. balloon. This activity is super fun for kids and adults alike. Creates a great area for pictures and for kids to run around in. The balloon walk can also be used in conjunction with a static hot air balloon display for educational purposes like at school science setups.

Static Displays

Starting at $350.

When we fully setup one of our hot air balloons so it is standing up but doesn’t leave the ground. This service is great for school science programs, Boyscout/Girlscout outings, Farm and Brewery events, Park Events, etc.

Tethered Balloon Rides

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A tethered balloon operation consists of a hot air balloon that is attached to the ground by 3-4 ropes which are tied to vehicles or fixed points on the ground. The balloon is able to ascend to approximately 50′-75′ above the ground before returning gently back to the surface. A tether ride typically lasts 3-5 minutes for each participant. We typically need an open space 100′ by 100′ to accomplish this activity. The best time of day for a tether is near sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset.


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Balloon advertising is a cost effective and affordable way to create brand awareness and visibility. This unique and flexible advertising medium is one of the best ways to make an impression on potential customers and stand out from the crowd. Call to create a package for your company or event today.

We fly from all over the Capital Region from Hudson, Catskills, Glens Falls, Adirondacks, Valatie, Kinderhook and even Syracuse NY. We might also be able to accommodate a launch site in your area, call to discuss.

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