Preflight Info

Before Your Flight

All Flights are weather permitting!

Weather needed for hot air balloon operations – Calm winds generally less that 7-10 mph, clear skies free of rain or other precipitation within 50 miles. Balloons generally operate at sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset, this is when the winds are usually calm and most predictable.

The timeframe is not negotiable. Sunrise and sunset are at specific times each day, and we must fly within the window of daylight.

Wear comfortable shoes. We prefer that you wear sneakers or hiking boots. Sandals will not protect your feet. We take off and land in open pastures and areas of un-kept land. This is an outdoor event.

For planning purposes, we need to know the passenger weight if you are over 250 lbs.

This is a rigorous activity. We are unable to fly passengers who are pregnant or have knee or hip issues that drastically limit mobility.

Please let your pilot know of any other serious medical conditions that may affect the flight.

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